Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Bella and Edward end up getting thoughther and she goses over ot meet edwards parents. edward told her that they are vampirs and that they don't eat humen food, but they don't, drink blood either, so the night that bella went over to there house they were watching a cooking show on tv ans ere making her food, they asked her have you eatened yes yes they all droped the plates ans bowls they has ans said oh bella was like i know you guys done't eat human food so i are before i came over sorry. here and edward go in to his room ansd she love his room ans she loves his room there are two big widows that you can go our there for him so that at night he can go out into the woods edward ends up taking her on his back and out the doors they clime the trees and end up talkiing ans edwards tells her all about his life ans how got her and can hymo around ans just be himdelf. they endy up laying unfer this tree and talk and they also end up kissing.

I am happy that they are starting to fall in love.

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