Thursday, January 29, 2009

chapter 2

Holden goes over to the teacher house and when he gets there he is greated by Spencer wife. Holden ends up going to in the room and seeing Spencer and Spencer just lectures him about how he acts and that he should not of gotten kicked out of the school.After he is done lectureing him the he flunked him and then makes Holden listen to the essy he wrote for his class. when done being lecture Holden returns to his dorm room before supper.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Catcher In The Rye

Sunday, January 11, 2009

chapter 9

Two years after Gatsbys death Nick write about the funreal, so Nick goes and trys to sent out invite to tell all of Gatsbys friends that he had past and that this would be when the funreal is and that it would be nice to have eveyone come. None of the people that were coming to the party's came as you can see that now of those people really cared about Gatsby they just cared about swimming and danceing and drinking.Nck ends up moveing back to the midwest and brakes up with Jordan and found out that Jordan is now engaged to some guy. Nick runs in to Tom and he wonts to shake is hand and tom wont. Tom tells Nick that Gatsby desverd to dies.

chapter 8

Nick goes over to Gatsbys the next day and talking to Gatsby to see how long that he had stayed and Gatsby tells Nick that he was there tell 4 in the morning and Tom didn't hert her and Daisy never out side to talk to him again. Nick states the Gatsby should leave long island and forget about Daisy. Gatsby ends up going on about how they first had falling in love and that he lied to her about how he was rich and that he really wasn't. the gardner interups and tells him that he wonts to drain the pool and Gatsby tells him that it will be fine cause he would like to go for a swim and at this point Nick tells him that he has to go to work and he tells Gatsby that he is better than Tom and Daisy. After he leave Gatsby ends up geting in the pool as he layes there Wilson shows up and shoots him ans then kills him self because wilson thinks that he killed his wife. Nick heard about it and went to his house and finds him deid in the pool.

Friday, January 9, 2009

chapter 7

Nick ends up going and driving to East wood that day Tom invited him over to have lunch with him and when he gets to Toms house and gets in side he sees that Jordan is there and Gatsby as well Daisy and Tom. As they sit around the nurse brings out Daisy's little girl Gatsby is just could not belivie that is was true, so Tom decide that they should all go New York for the day and now that this has happen tom gets the hit that Daisy and Gatsby have love for one another, so they decide to go. When they get in to town they stop by wilson's so that they can get some gas and when they do wilson states that he is talking his wife west cause he has found out that tom has love for his wife. They finely get to were they have to be the hotel and when they get there tom and Gatsby end up geting in to somthing you could call a fight about how Gatsby calls everyone old sport, so Tom ends up send Daisy back to the island and when they end up leaveing they see that something had happened in the vally of ashes, so they go to see what had happened. when they get there somone tells them that a call had hit someone and that they are died and come to find out it was Tom's lover and Tom comes to think that is was more than likly Gatsby and Daisy and that Wilson rite away thinks that it is Tom cause Tom was driving that car earlyer that day, but Tom thinks that is was Gatsby driveing. when they get back to the house Nick sees that Gatsby is hideing behideing the tree to make sure that Daisy is safe, so Nick goes an cheack s on her for Gatsby and Nick comes back and tells him that she is fine. Gatsby ends up staying there and Nick goes home.

chapter 6

That day a report had herd about Gatsby's rumors and wonted to ask Gatsby about them so he head off to go see if Gatsby would answer them and he did but he didn't. Gatsby states about how he got wealth and that he lived on a farm and the he went to collage for 2 weeks and then he dropped out to work and to get fish. this one day he went out to tell this man on the yaut that there was a storm coming on and they he may wont to get to shore the man ended up giving Gatsby a job. when this man died he left Gatsby 25,000 and that made him wont to become wealth and he did. after Nick got the two togather he see neather of them for a few weeks. After a few days Tom stop by Gatsby house to have a drink and to chat and well he is there he tells Tom the he nows Daisy and that they have been talking. Tom doesn't like that very well so he invite him over for dinner and so that Daisy wont go over there by her self. they end up going over to one of Gatsby's party and tom is not having fun so they end up leaving and now Gatsby sits and thinks that it will never be that same like it was in the past.

Monday, January 5, 2009

chapter 5

Nick get back form a night out with Jordan and when he gets back he see that the lights are all on at gatsbys place so he goes over to see what is going on. Gatsby meets him half way . Gatsby wonts nick to get Daisy and him togather so that they can talk and because he wonts her back. The day that they wonted to have this thing it started to rain and Gatsby sent flowers over and had someone go and move the lawn for them. Gatsby thinks that even if they do become friends that is wont be the same as it was in louisville. Nick has that teas thing for them and Daisy and Gatsby and Nick all end up going over to Gatsby's house, so that Daisy can see how he lives. well they are there Gatsby tell Daisy how he layes out on her dick and pretty much dreams about her.

chapter 4

Nick talks about all the people that are at the party. Nick and Gatsby are ridding in the car they end up going throw the ashes and Gatsby ends up getting pulled over. When they stop and the cop comes up to the window Gatsby shows him this card and the man tell him he is sorry and goes on. They end up going and meeting one of Gatsby's friends at this place to have tea. We all know that Gatsby had down some bad things in his life and Nick thinks that this man had something to do with helping Gatsby do theses bad things. After they get done having tea as Nick is leaving the place he runs into Jordan and she tells him that she is ready to tell him about what they had talked about that night at the party and she states that Gatsby is in love with Daisy and that he would do anything for her and that they had bet before they war and that the only reason that he bought a place at east egg was because of Daisey lives her. Nick tells Jordan that Gatsby wonts him to have Daisy over for tea and that he will come so that is will be like a reiuion of them two.