Thursday, February 19, 2009

Edwards ans vella end up hanging out alot mote after she meed his parents and they decided and go off and play baseball well they are playing three other vampires end up showing up but these vampire didn't have the fouce not to want to eat himans like edward ans his family these vampires loved blood unlike edeards. when they were out playing baseball in the firels when out of know were these thing come out of the woods they talk to edward and family tell the min when the wind picked up and the smell of himan came of bella they stared attacking her edward grbes vell and taekes off for the truck they get thee and edward tells her that i have to get you out of this yown and far away from the vampres

after they ended up killing them edwarf asked bella id dhe would go to prom with her ans they do well they are at peom they se that one od the 3 vampires people are still alive ans its the girl

I am so happy that he took he tool her to prom ans htat htey had a good time.

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