Thursday, February 19, 2009

Edwards ans vella end up hanging out alot mote after she meed his parents and they decided and go off and play baseball well they are playing three other vampires end up showing up but these vampire didn't have the fouce not to want to eat himans like edward ans his family these vampires loved blood unlike edeards. when they were out playing baseball in the firels when out of know were these thing come out of the woods they talk to edward and family tell the min when the wind picked up and the smell of himan came of bella they stared attacking her edward grbes vell and taekes off for the truck they get thee and edward tells her that i have to get you out of this yown and far away from the vampres

after they ended up killing them edwarf asked bella id dhe would go to prom with her ans they do well they are at peom they se that one od the 3 vampires people are still alive ans its the girl

I am so happy that he took he tool her to prom ans htat htey had a good time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Bella and Edward end up getting thoughther and she goses over ot meet edwards parents. edward told her that they are vampirs and that they don't eat humen food, but they don't, drink blood either, so the night that bella went over to there house they were watching a cooking show on tv ans ere making her food, they asked her have you eatened yes yes they all droped the plates ans bowls they has ans said oh bella was like i know you guys done't eat human food so i are before i came over sorry. here and edward go in to his room ansd she love his room ans she loves his room there are two big widows that you can go our there for him so that at night he can go out into the woods edward ends up taking her on his back and out the doors they clime the trees and end up talkiing ans edwards tells her all about his life ans how got her and can hymo around ans just be himdelf. they endy up laying unfer this tree and talk and they also end up kissing.

I am happy that they are starting to fall in love.


Bella and some of her friends wont to go in to the big city and that they can go shop and Bella wonts to go and get some books the girls all end up going out to eat and then Bella wonts ot head over to the book store so that she can get some new books so that she has something to do on the weekend when her dad is not home when they got doen eating the three girls walked out and they meet three guys walking out theis three guys were drunk ans really wonted just sex the girls finielly got the boys to go away. they did when bella walked store ans bought her books and when she got back out side those boys were out ther and ran up to here and were saying sexual thinhs to her ans all of a ssadon Edward shows up in this car and fight the boys ans saved bella ans end up going home.


The next day when Bella gets up she gose down and makes her dad brakfast and then gwts ready for school, she ends up looking ou the window and it was snowing, on her way to school she had to drive really slow couse the tirs on her truck are not good. When she gts to school there are two guys in there can and are doing donunts in the parking lot and the van is heading right for her ans as the van swings around Edward flys ans stops the van from hiting Bella and then she asn he get taken to the hospital ans at the hospital she ends up meetsing Edwards dad and learning a little about her life. Edward ends up geting in trouble because she is not to know that they have powers and are vampirs.

I think that edward should not getin to trouble because of the fact she was saveing bella

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Bella moves to Folks with her dad who is the chief of the police. He picks her up at the bus stop talks her home and he tells her that he bought her a new truck. when she gets to his house she can still tell that he is still not over her mom yet. He ends up just letting her un back and settle in. The next day she ends up getting up and starts to get ready for her first day at school. When she gets there, she is shocked cause at her old school all he kids had nice cars and her at Folk's they didn't. After first period she meets up with this boy names Eric they go to lunch togather and she see 5 poeple sitting there and she just don't get why she don't stop looking someone said that his name is edward and then the next you know they are lab partner in science class. At the end of the day she goes and cheacks out and sees that edward is in the office and that he is trying to change his classed.


I think hat she should just go and talk to him and not be so scard.
(Author book)

Friday, February 6, 2009

people from the book

Allie- Holden's brother
Phoebe- Holden's sister
D.B- Brother in Hollwood
Jane- a girl that Holden liked
sunny- the prosttute.

chapter 26

He ends his story by stating that he is not sick and that he is going to be going back to school in the fall again.

i am happy for him that he is going to go back to school and that he is realizing what life is and how is work and that is not only about you, that its about other people as well.

chapter 25

He gets up and leave and ends up going to the Grand central station and sleep on a beach, when he awake and starts to walk done the street and sees that all the kids are playing and having a good time that makes him think that he could to if he would just go by the rule and listen to people. He runs off and goes to Phoebe's school and leave a not saying that she needs to meet him at the art museum. when he gets their, there are two girls there and he shows them around and takes them the the mummies and they freak out an run away. when she gets there she is all ready to go cause she thinks that she is leaving with him and shes not they end up going to the park thought and talk about things.

i think he should let her go and be a part of it.

chapter 24

when he gets there he can tell that they have been drinking and that they had a party, she makes so coffee and they sit done and start to talk about things. he tells her that he doesn't like the rules and that he wont follow them. as they sit and talk longer and he realizes that life is not just all about him and that there are going to be hard times in life. then they all go off to bed.

Its about time.

chapter 23

he goes and calles Mr. Antolini to tell him that he has failed and the teacher said to come to newyork and stay with me, so he tells his little sister and she gives him some money and he leaves.

i think that he should cause she misses.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

chapter 22

when he gets back in to his sister room he trys to tell her why he failed. she tells him to tell him one things that he likes, as he sits there think he thinks about everything that hes been doing lately. HE tells her that he likes allie and that all he wont to be the catcher of the rye.

I think that he needs to get over allie and move on with his life.

chapter 21

when he gets to his house he ends up taking to elevator up to his apartment and were is mom and dad live. he goes on side the house and tiptoes around looking for phoebe and ends up finding her in her brother bed who is out in holly wood right now, he looks throw her bag and all her school stuff just to see what she has been up to. he finel wakes her up and she is so happy to see him that she goes on and on about things that she has done and how she is in a play. His little sister realizes that he is home early and that means he got kicked out and that there dad is going to kill him.

i think that he should be in trouble so being kicked out.

chapter 20

When Luce leaves Holden ends up getting drunk and trys to call sally hayes and then trys to get with the lounge singer and fails. He ends up walking to duck pond to see of there are any ducks there and there were not. he ends up brakeing Phoebe recaord that he had brought her. he missed allies funeral he says and then he became really sad about it and all he wonted to do was to talk to is sister.

i would be hirt if i didn't go to my brothers funreal to .

chapter 19

At the wicker bar Holden sits there and thinks about luce and man who went to school with them and would tell the younger boys about sex. when Luce gets there holden gives him crap about sex and wonts him to tell him a little about it and Luce doesn't wont to talk about it. Holden asked about Luces and he ends up leaveing.

why did he leave?

chpater 18

when they were down they left the skating rink. he goes and get a bit to eat and ends up eating a swiss cheese sandwich and a mike shake. he stands there and thinks about how he should call Jane and he did, but know one picked. He calls and old friend Carl luce who he went to school at one time they dicied to have a drink later. to kill time Holden goes to the movie and think well he is there he thinks about allie and how they did this at one time.

i think that he should try to get a hold of allie again.

chapter 17

Holden meets sally at 2 at the Biltmore Hotel for there date. they get in the cab and end up making out on there way to the threater. holden ends up getting made at her because she is flirting with an other person. they end up going ice skateing and when they end up taking a brake and talking holden is mean to sally and ends up leaveing her there.

if i was holden i would of left her at the threater for flirting with that man.

chapter 16

after breakfast he goes for a walk and thinks about going and geting his little sister a CD. Holden ends up walking to the park and wont to look for his sister when he gets there he finds this little girls and asked if she had seen his little sister and the girl said no but she knows who she is.

i thinks it great that he is going to go and look for his sister .

chapter 15

The next morning he checks out of the hotel and calls up sally to make a date with her. he ends up leaving his bags at the grand station. as he is walking he ends up telling a little about his mom and his dad. he ends up walking to this place were he gets a sandwich and meets 2 nuns.

i think that it will be nice for him to go on a date with sally maybe that will get things off his mind.

chapter 14

He sits in the hotel and smoke when he heard a knock at the door and goes to pick it up and at the door stands sunny and maurice cause they wont the other 5 dollars that sunny wonted. well it turns out that they get there other 5 dollar after maurice puches holden in the stomch. they leave and all he can do it lay there.

i don't think that he should of had to pay that other 5 when she said all she wonted was 5.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

chapter 12 and 13

He gets in a cab and takes it to this night club called Ernie's a sot he used to Frequent. He trys to talk to the cab drive and the driver ends up geting mad. he sits down at this table and ends up meeting this girl and her name is lilliam simmons who D.B dated at one time. Holden walks 41 blocks back to the hotel and then goes up to his room. when he gets to hi room he waits for this girls and she wont to seduce him and he pays her and sends her on her way, but she is mad that he only gave her 5 dollars.

that girl shouldn't be mad if shes the one that told him 5 dollars

chapter 11

when he is walking out, he stops and thinks about when him and Jane meet. He meet her throw there moms and they has summer houses that were right next to each other. Holden and Jane be came very close. He states the one night that they were out playing checker and he ended up kissing her and some what falling in love. He is now up set and gets a taxi.

he should go and try to find Jane again.

chapter 10

He gets up and goes down stairs and is still thinking about calling his sister. He ends up conpareing her to Allie and said that she has red hair and is inisialu intelligent for her age. He calls his little sister Phoebe and that she writes like he dose, but they are never ending thing they go on and on. When he gets to the table in the night clube he trys to order a cocktail and gets turned down and ends up danceing with 3 girls and lieing to them.

i think that he should call his sister cause that will make him fell better.

chapter 9

He gets to Penn Station. He wonts someone to talk to so when he gets in the cab to go to the hotel he trys to talk to the cabe driver and he dosen't wont to really talk or say much. when he gets to the motel he looks out the window and sees that there is a man dressed like a women and two women fighting. He thinks to him self and calls this girl that some boy said to call.

why does he think that he all ways think that he needs someone to talk to.

chapter 8

He goes and gets ready to ge ton the train to leave for New york. As he sits that and is wasiting some women sits done by him and come to find out that it is his roommates mom. Holden lies to his roommates mom and tells here that every one liked him alot.

He should of not lied to her and told her the truth.

chapter 7

Holden lays there in bed thinking about Jane and what her and stradlater did on there date. He gets up and ends up geting ready to leave for New york and wont go home tell his parent ask or call aout him getting kicked out.

i think that he should just tell them, so that they wont be as made.

chapter 6

Stradlater gets home and runs right into Holden's room and tells him all about that date and that he had a great time. He is so up set with this that the paper that he was working on he throw in the trash. He then get a smoke and sits done cause he is made at stradlater.

chapter 5

He gets done eating that night and ends up geting into a snow ball fight. he and some of the boys from pencey end up going to the movies even though he dosen't like them. Ackley and him and sitting on the bed and Ackley startes to talk about how he had sex with some girls last summer. Holden wonts him to leave so he sartes to work on a paper hopeing that he will leave.

Monday, February 2, 2009

chapter 4

holden is in the bathroom shaveing so that he can go out on this so called date, he never throws anything away. Holden is taking to one of his friends about a paper that Holdens friends wonts him to write for him. stradlater is the friends name and he and holden start talking about stradlater and how he can't write this paper and why can't stradlater, because stradlater is going out on this date with Jean and girl that Holden likes.

I think that Holden should take jean out

chapter 3

He lives in Ossenburger hall that is names after some rich person. he ends up going back to his room and read and leans about of his friends come in that, he states that have bad hygiene and he hates it. this boy doesn't have many friends at all. when he comes over he bother him by walking around and makeing noises. holden states that he has to go and that he as a date.