Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chapter 3

Nick ends up getting the invite to Gatsby's party and ends up going. As we know Gatsby is famous for is big party's. When Nick gets there he states that is fells out of place and that he really don't know anyone that is there, so is walks around and see that Jordan is there the girl that he meet at Daisy's house. They get to talking about things and then decisded that they are going to go and see if they can find Gatsby and they end up running to to this OWL eyed guy and they listen to him talk for away and then they keep looking. They end up sitting at a table and and sitting with this man and that was him and they end up talking about world war I. As the night went on people started to leave and some people started to drink more and get drunk. Nick ends up leave at around two and walks home and see that the OWL eyed guy put his car in the dich and ask what happen and OWL eyed trys to talk but he is so drunk you can't under stand him and that was Nick great night.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chapter 2

Nick and Tom get on a train and go and visit Wilson and his wife. Tom and Wilson's wife Myrtle are having affair and Wilson and Tom's wife don't know that this is going on, so they end up going to some apartments and that is where Myrtle and Tom go so that know one will know about them. There at the apartment the meet up with Myrtle's sister Catherine and some other couple named the McKee. they all started drinking and Nick states that he has never gotten drunk ,but only one other time. The two men try to leave, but they just keep drinking and everyone kind starts to get louder. After away Tom goes and get the gift that he got Myrtle, he gets her a puppy and when he gives the puppy to her she starts to yell Daisy's name Daisy is Tom's really Wife. Tom ends up hitting her in the face and braking her nose.

Chapter 1

Takes place the summer of 1922. Nick states that he is going to go and look at some house in west egg were the rich people live or also know as the million airs. Nick ends up going and visiting his cousin Daisy and her husband Tom. They end up going out to dinner and Daisy ends up interoducing Nick and Jordon one of Daisy's Friends and Nick and her get to talking. Tom and Daisy think that they are starting to fall in love. Before all that takes place Daisy ask if Nick had mat Gatsby and Nick says know and that he really doesn't know anyone. Daisy say i can't believe that you don't know Gatsby Nick says why and Daisy states he a million air and has lots of money. Nick ends up going home that night and meeting Gatsby.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Henry showed courage in staying to fight, over coming his fear of dieing and by caring the flag at he end.

• “At times he regarded the wounded soldiers in an envious way. He conceived persons with torn bodies to be peculiarly happy. He wished that he, too, had a wound, a red badge of courage”. This states that instead of him wishing that he was at home he know wishes that he would get shot and so that they would think that he had courage.

• “There was a consciousness always of the presence of his
comrades about him. He felt the subtle battle brotherhood more potent even than the cause for which they were fighting. It was a mysterious fraternity born of the smoke and danger of death.” He wasn’t fighting because he was brave but because everyone else was fighting. He was shooting to shoot like playing a game. He did not know why he was shooting he was just shooting because he was one of the guys, one of the regiment.

• “He now thought that he wished he was dead. He
Believed he envied those men whose bodies lay strewn over the grass of the fields and on the fallen leaves of the forest.” He states that he would rather be died then has to stay and fight in this war. If he died he would know what happened to him, if was the fear of the unknown, the fear of not knowing what was going to happen in battle that made him afraid. Being dead was a sure thing; there would be no unknown.

Friday, December 5, 2008

CLEAN AND DARKNESS-Ryan: Nothing clean it all takes place in the dirty nasty area. Henry: clean when he is not fighting and dirty is when he is bloody and is in riped closes.

NOISE AND SILENCE-Ryan:noise is the shooting and the people cry and bombs going off and silence is when you are at peace. Henry: noise is the shoot and the guns and silence is when he hide and was by him self.

LIGHT AND DARK-Ryan: light when he at peace when he is walking to look at the grave sits. Darkness is when is fighting. Henry: when he is fight that is light and darkness is when he hids because he is scared and doesn't know what to do.

YOUTH AND MATUNITY- They are both young and and Henry is scared and Ryan is not.

The dead soldiers-In the moveie they helped the bleeding and in Henry they just left them there.

The flag- stood for pride in the moveie and the book is was for the mom who had lost there loved one.

courage- Henry really didn't have any tell the end he was scared most of the time.In Ryan he wasn't and didn't really care and

manhood- they both grew and changed

self-presservation- Henry he ran and hid and was scard and Ryan wasn't he fought hard and wasn't scars

Disregard for humans life- they didn't care that they had killed those people on Henry but in Ryan they let some of them go cause in a way they did care they just wonted to get Ryan out of there

Quiz 2

1. Henry was young and scard at the beginning and at the end he became braze and be also becaome a hero

2. Wilson is loud at the beginning and at the end he because scard ans has with drow and won't to go home.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


1.bloody wounds
2. another soldier who tells Henry that he wont die
3.she worries about him and wants him to come home.
4.he throws a pinecine and it ran away that made him think that he could run and be scarced as well.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Chapter 24

The men are order to go back to the camp that is right by the river. Henry walk back and thinks to him self on how he can go back home and not really be happy about the stuff that he did not to help the other people out in his team. The men start to run cause it starts to down bower on them and Henry feels happy and joyed as over the the hills the sun states to brake throw.

I am glad that he fells bad on the things he didn't help the team with.

Why was he happy when he really didn't help them out?

chapter 23

The officer tells the men that they need to charge to the fence and get closer. Henry hears that and startes to charge throw the smoke and heads for the fence, but Henry ends up give the flag to another man and the man endes up geting kills and so Henry and Jim charge to get the flag before it hits the ground. After the get it the find a patch of grass and fall in to it.

I think that it great that they saved the flag and didn't let it hit the ground.

Why don't they stay and fit in stead of laying in the grass?