Sunday, January 11, 2009

chapter 8

Nick goes over to Gatsbys the next day and talking to Gatsby to see how long that he had stayed and Gatsby tells Nick that he was there tell 4 in the morning and Tom didn't hert her and Daisy never out side to talk to him again. Nick states the Gatsby should leave long island and forget about Daisy. Gatsby ends up going on about how they first had falling in love and that he lied to her about how he was rich and that he really wasn't. the gardner interups and tells him that he wonts to drain the pool and Gatsby tells him that it will be fine cause he would like to go for a swim and at this point Nick tells him that he has to go to work and he tells Gatsby that he is better than Tom and Daisy. After he leave Gatsby ends up geting in the pool as he layes there Wilson shows up and shoots him ans then kills him self because wilson thinks that he killed his wife. Nick heard about it and went to his house and finds him deid in the pool.

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